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A SWOT Team for Indie Bookstores (part 1)

The story of the end of bookstores is an old one, almost as old as bookstores themselves, I would bet. And while it has always been a miserable way to make a living, the fundamental business model of the bookstore is now in question like it never has before. The story has quickly shifted from a drama about whether bookstores can survive to a tragedy of their sure death.

I confess, though I was a bookseller for several years, and love bookstores, and what they do, I don’t feel the romance or nostalgia that many book lovers do. Fundamentally, bookstores are just businesses. If the business model—that of renting space to stock inventory and paying employees to sell printed books—doesn’t work—even with all the add-ons of cafes, side-line merchandise, paid author events, etc.—then it doesn’t work. I don’t mean this coldly, but if the value that physical bookstores provide isn’t sufficient to cover the costs of providing that value then I think we ought to move on. As booklovers, booksellers, and publishers—we ought to move on and create a new model for providing that unique value.

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